Sumer Wars deculture!

So I watched the Blu-ray last night…

…and I’m really tired right now to come up with a proper summary. It’s been a long ass day, so here’s the excerpt from AniDB.


“Kenji, a eleventh-grader math genius who works in the summer as a part time computer technician for the virtual world of Oz (imagine facebook a handful of decades in the future), is invited by the most popular girl at his high school to her expansive family’s home for a summer job. In the middle of their trip, a hacker infiltrates the network and takes control of Oz, plunging humanity into absolute chaos.”


I watched the film late last year during the Dubai Film Festival, and we already talked about it in our 4th episode of Podcast deculture! Anyways, back then I was glad I caught this movie in the cinema, but felt the ending was a bit disappointing. As usual, I’m more critical while watching films in the cinema, and in the comfort of my home, I’m really open-minded about films and let go of mild annoyances.

Summer Wars really is a nice family type, feel good, movie that anybody can enjoy. Anybody who didn’t like the Matrix, or the whole concept of a computer world becoming “reality”, probably won’t like it however. That said, almost everybody uses Facebook or Twitter nowadays, so this movie serves as a nice eye-opener for what could happen if we all depended on social networking so much, that when things break down in the virtual world, so do our real lives.

Apart from Natsuki’s grandma, the only characters that stood out were Kenji and Kazuma. While I still can’t believe Kazuma is actually a boy (tomboy perhaps, that the whole family refers to her as “him”?), she he did have an important role that facilitated some of the coolest fight scenes in the movie. Apart from that, Kazuma was just your average emo teen. Sakae (aka everybody’s granny) was a totally kickass character. Despite being 90 years old, she still held her shit together, while bringing everybody else in line before they all started to panic; even in death. Meanwhile Kenji is brought into this whole mess unknowingly by a selfish high-school celebrity, Natsuki. Meanwhile she’s still head over heels for her uncle. Wabisuke (Natsuki’s “first love” and the illegetimate child of Sakae’s late husband) was also quite an interesting character, whose complex relationship with Sakae, and the rest of the family, was fun to watch.

All said and done, Summer Wars evoked a feeling of pleasantness that not many animes do. It was nice to see such a big family go through a period of celebration, mourning, and then rising up again to face a great challenge. Kudos to Madhouse for such brilliant animation, and I would go so far as to compare their quality of work with Production I.G. Nothing less from the team behind “The Girl Who Leapt Through Time”. This movie is a definite watch for any anime fan, and a nice one to see with your friends and family as well, who aren’t so into anime.

Koi Koi deculture!


4 Responses to “Sumer Wars deculture!”

  1. 1 MarcRene
    May 13, 2010 at 4:49 am

    Fantastic film. I acutally enjoyed the psuedo-dramatic ending. It was quite refreshing to see. lol. I’m a hopeless romantic, maybe that’s why I enjoyed it. Oh well.

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