Homemade dolls deculture!

Like what you see?

Another extremely busy day, and I was a bit wary to make a post up here as I didn’t do anything remotely interesting since yesterday’s post. Thankfully one of our readers came to my rescue this time.

Now I’m not a fan of dolls, but anime and games related plushies do get me excited. I even have a set of Weighted Companion Cube Fuzzies hanging on my car’s rear-view mirror ^^. Sometimes I see people showing off their homemade plushies and I imagine making them myself, but probably never will. My hands don’t have the dexterity needed for such a skillfull process (although they’re deadly fast on a keyboard & mouse!), nor do I possess the patience for such a long process, no matter how rewarding it ultimately is.

So not one for boys, but girls, do watch the below videos and make some goodies for yourselves, and us 😉


The artist up there is Nikki who contacted me today with some of her crochet work. Here’s a little bit of info on her:

I got into anime and gaming recently in the past couple of years. I had seen Fullmetal Alchemist on Adult Swim and immediately fell in love with it. Ever since then I’ve been trying to watch animes like Death Note, Spirited Away, My Neighbor Totoro, Ergo Proxy, Millennium Actress and others. I’m a nursing student, so I don’t have much spare time during the Fall and Spring semesters. Whenever I have time though, I like to play tennis even though I’m not very good :p Besides that, I love watching Korean Dramas. They’re so addicting ^^

I started making dolls not too long ago and I started with just a plain Sackboy and then I decided to make one inspired by the movie ‘300‘. I originally had a channel for gaming reviews and such, but then I decided to have another channel just for my artwork. I draw a bit in my spare time and I also wanted a channel devoted to my artwork and dolls. Several people had asked me to do tutorials so I have put a few up. I wanted to show people that they can make their own anime or video game dolls ^^

Nikki’s Youtube channel and personal blog should you feel inspired by her work.

Now someone please make me a Crochet Edward Elric!

EDIT: Seems like I was beaten :p

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