FMA: Brotherhood 57 deculture!

Everybody dies.


As I predicted in the last episode, Fu dies; sadly he was unable to harm King Bradley. Directly that is. In his absurd attempt to kill Wrath while being a suicide bomber, he exposed the bombs strapped to his chest, whose fuses were promptly cut off. Buccaneer having some sense left in him, takes this opportunity to stab King Bradley from behind Fu’s body, sandwiching him in the process. Edward and gang reach a place deep underground where the meet up with the gold toothed doctor who created King Bradley. Long story short, the doc creates a new transmutation circle that links all the five research labs in Central, creating a giant ass transmutation which opens up the Gates of Truth and swallows up all the “human sacrifices”. And by “all”, I mean Ed, Al and Izumi.


Sweet Jesus I knew this was coming at some subconscious level, but didn’t think all of these guys would get eaten up! Obviously this doesn’t spell the end for these three, as they will, no doubt, fight for their existence at the Gates of Truth. Alphonse will get his body back as well. I’m sure Hohenheim has some way to bring them all back, because there’s no other alchemist left who’s as knowledgeable as him.

This was yet another typical FMA:B episode which had nice exposition, and perfectly blended in the action sequences in the correct dosage. Wrath (aka King Bradley in case you still don’t know!) absolutely HAS to die in the next episode. He’s cool and all, but this fight has dragged on for too long, and we know he won’t feel any regret or attachment to humans like Greed does. Mustang will probably burn the doctor to a crisp, but to no avail, as the damage is already done.

Cannot wait for the next episode!

4 Responses to “FMA: Brotherhood 57 deculture!”

  1. 1 clinton
    May 18, 2010 at 7:39 am

    well Greed has a better shot now he destroyed Wrath’s ultamate eye and dude can heal like the other homunculi now he has a blind spot again

    • 2 th
      May 18, 2010 at 8:21 am

      Wrath will still go down in style. Too bad Greed wasn’t able to stand toe to toe with him. I would’ve like it if all Homunculi were almost equal in power.

      And yeah, I’m glad Hohenheim’s power isn’t due to “love”.

  2. 3 Roy Mustang
    May 19, 2010 at 12:14 am

    Why are you so intent on having King Bradley killed in the next episode? Is it because the true love between him and Winry?

    You just can’t stand having a dark haired, big nosed Fuhrer end up with the blue eyed, blond haired girl. You probably think she belongs with the blond haired title character, don’t you? Damn Nazi.

    • 4 th
      May 19, 2010 at 10:08 am

      One guy with black hair (Mustang) getting a girl with blond hair (Hawkeye) is enough for one show. Another such pair would just lose the charm. Plus, there was no blond x blond couple in the original season, so you can’t blame me honestly.

      And I gave up on being a Nazi once I realised my life held no value for the Fuhrer. Damn King Bradley!

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