Plantes, the end deculture!

26 episodes in a week. Not too shabby at all.

So I finished Planetes yesterday evening, and since I’ve already covered some of the aspects of the series already, I’ll just talk a bit about the end. Expect spoilers.

As the final four episodes played out, I could see Hachimaki being an extremely irritating person again. Just his behaviour in general towards everybody and Tanabe in particular. A part of me therefore actually wanted the Von Braun to crash and burn so Hachimaki would stop being such a coldhearted and pompous asshole. Still, that would’ve been too cruel.

Also, the reasoning of the terrorists to crash Von Braun onto the lunar city was stupid. Halting space exploration wouldn’t mean then that all of the countries the terrorists belonged to would suddenly have an equal part of the reformation process; the second age of space (re)exploration if you will. If anything, these countries would be sanctioned the shit out of existence. Not that it mattered though, the big cats who master-minded the whole plan made a back door deal with the executive committee which was, if nothing else, more sensible (and less destructive) than the originally planed Von Braun crash. The regular terrorists were played for fools of course, pawns discarded as the greater objective was achieved. So a well deserved end to all of them. Hakim got away with a few bruises and broken bones, while Claire got jailed for 10 years.

And it was almost heartbreaking to see Tanabe’s dedication to saving Claire, even after the appalling acts she had committed; and the eventual realisation that Hachimaki loved space more than her. Then there was the last desperate struggle to keep herself alive. Shit got real over there.

Anyways, I was glad what happened in the end. Hachimaki’s proposal to Tanabe was a bit cheesy, but you can’t expect anything subtle from that guy. Also, that final space walk was as good a place as any to propose. However, 7 years being separated right after marriage? That’s a bit harsh, but going by his dad’s history, it’s safe to safe he’ll be back home.

7 years ago was also the time I started watching anime for the first time. Well, apart from the stuff I’d seen on cable TV when I was a kid. Hellsing was the first anime I watched, back in 2003. Around this time of the year actually. Man, those were good times…

Anyways, that nostalgic post is for another time. Right now, I still believe that Planetes is one of the best space animes out there. The main character maybe obnoxious, but seeing his growth from a nobody to being a part of one of the most ambitious projects in human history is great. His relationship with his co-workers and Tanabe in particular, their journey as a couple, is quite amazing. There’s some good lessons to learn here with a somewhat realistic outlook on life in general. Dirty politics play a big role in the anime, as in the real world, but it’s nice to see such issues being handled with such care.

So yeah, in case it wasn’t apparent yet, go watch Planetes now!

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