Stealth Armoring the iPad

Not talking about Solid Snake level of stealth here, but something just as cool.

One of the (many, many) reasons I didn’t post for 4 days last week was because I was trying out something new. A friend of mine recently provided me with a front and rear skin for my iPad. The front cover is transparent for the screen, but it’s the back side that makes it so special.

I know many people who, upon receiving their iPad, immediately covered it up in some sort of protective casing. While I understand why people would want to take care of their precious new gadget, and partly the reason I didn’t use my iPad often, I absolutely hate the ugliness that ensues. iPads (and even iPhones) are a thing of beauty that need to be seen and admired by as many people as possible. Protective cases are just a necessary evil.

Thankfully the Stealth Armor takes care of all these issues. Sure, it won’t provide any protection from fall damage or cracking screens, but it does protect my iPad from scratches, while looking infinitely cooler than protective cases.

I have to admit, applying the skin was a tricky job and it took me a good 8 to 9 minutes to apply, but once it’s done…yeah, just wow!

You can have a look at the video I made below. This is also partly why I was so busy last week. Editing a video is extremely time consuming, especially if it’s your first time! Thankfully Windows Live Movie Maker makes it a piece of cake for noobs like me. Although I hear Apple’s iMovie software is just as great, if not more indepth, as Live Movie Maker.

If anybody’s interested in these cases, check out their twitter @yourgearstore or just email yourgearstore@gmail and they’ll hook you up…if you’re living in or around Dubai that is. Our US readers might wanna check out the website of the creators of Stealh Armor themselves, Fusion of Ideas.

Do you like skins or cases for your iPhone/iPad?

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