Durarara!! 20 deculture!

So now what?


Kida discusses the matter of the Slasher and the Dollars working together with Kadota and the rest of the gang in the mini-van over a cup of tea and some sushi. Kadota clears up the growing misunderstanding that the Slasher is in no way associated with the Dollars, and upon further insisting of Kida, he tells him that Izaya knows who the leader of Dollars is. Kadota also expresses his concerns that Kida may not be able to control Yellow Scarves as he once used to, so it will be hard to avoid unnecessary conflicts between them and the Dollars. Once Izaya tells Kida that Mikado is the leader of the Dollars, Kida calls in an emergency meeting, declaring that nobody in the Yellow Scarves is to attack the Dollars. Later on one of Kida and Mikado’s mutual friends gets beaten by some Yellow Scarves and ends up in the hospital.

It was interesting to see Erika and Walker (mini-van members who tag along Kadota) giving Kida a lesson in humility. Even Izaya teased him a lot before declaring Mikado as the leader of the Dollars. Honestly at this point Kida was pissing me off a lot. Yes, he suffered in the past, but he brought all that shit on himself. He was the one who bailed out at the last second to save Saki, and now he’s riding the high horse of righteousness when Anri gets attacked? And using the whole of Yellow Scarves to get blind vengeance? The fuck?! He deserves to get pissed on by Izaya, and Walker and Erika did good to basically shut him the fuck up when he started whining at the sushi house.

Also, it’s clear that he doesn’t have the same influence on the Yellow Scarves as he used to. Yes, it’s only a few bad seeds who’re going against his orders, but how long before nobody cares what he says? I’m wondering now what will happen. Anri knows Kida is the leader of Yellow Scarves, and he knows Mikado is the leader of Dollars. Mikado is oblivious of his friends involvement in something so dangerous, while Izaya is pouring in fuel from all sides to engulf the city in the flames of a gang war. Are we really going to have one? Because if we do, the fuck Anri and Kida since they both know the situation, and should do everything in their power to stop this shit. Clearly Celty and Shizuo will help them stop this madness. Oh well, only 4 more episodes to go, and things are heating up really fast, albeit in an annoying way. Let’s see if shit hits the fan next week.

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