FMA: Brotherhood 60 deculture!

Everybody dies!

Psyche! Only God dies.


Scar fights Bradley, revealing his right arm covered in tattoos that reconstruct broken objects, thus bringing about a close to his brother’s research. As May, Ed, Al, Izumi and even Greed (at the last second) fight Father, he bitch slaps them all and starts the country wide transmutation. Seems like everybody dies, i.e. their souls are absorbed into Father. A big ass gate opens up on the surface of Earth and an even bigger ass Father pops out of it. As the giant Father’s coming out of the gate, another gate opens up in space, revealing the eye of someone Father calls out as God. And why call him? The millions in his country weren’t enough, that greedy son of a bitch wants to adsorb God too.


Seriously, what the fuck? OK I understand what’s happening, but why? I thought opening the gate would give Father all the knowledge in the world or some shit like that, how can he possibly absorb God, if such an entity exists in the world of FMA? Or does he already have the power of the gate, such that he’s strong enough to challenge God himself? Whatever the case, a huge explosion occurs at the end of the episode and everybody probably ends up dieing: all the people, our main cast, Father, God, everybody’s dead.

Except not, coz the preview for the next episode shows Ed and the rest of the gang fighting against something. I don’t know why they had to pull off a Gurren Lagann style battle of titans. They’re just trying too hard to have an “epic ending”. That said, anything less and I would’ve been disappointed as well. Eh, for now it looks good; over the top and silly, but I’m liking it, in a OMGWTFLOLBBQ kinda way.

2 Responses to “FMA: Brotherhood 60 deculture!”

  1. 1 Manga reader
    June 17, 2010 at 9:24 pm

    Heh. I like your way of thinking. Hmm, I still gotta watch the anime too. My friend keeps telling me. He’s a hardcore FMA fan.

    I disagree with the, “trying too hard to have an epic ending” bit in your post. I don’t think they’re going for an “epic ending” really. The manga just ended last week and I have to admit it wasn’t too epic. I wont give spoilers. Anyways I do agree with the “wtf” part that that little fask humunculus(sp?) thing could absorb “god” or “truth”. *Shrugs* But it does make sense later
    (kinda), I can understand that it doesn’t make sense right now.

    On a side note, how is it? The anime? Are the graphics good? Okay coloring? I mean, I’m kinda used to black and white right now. xP

    PS: I read a post you made in 2009 about Bleach. xP Omg, you have got to read the manga right now. Aizen is a Stalker, Pedo, Cannibal. xDD Funny shit I swear. I am innfluenced by a few of my Bl;each hating friends but it’s all in good fun. I personally love Bleach. And… Aizen is just creepy. >.O… It’s… just really messed up recently. Oh! I gotta go check onemanga to see if it got updated. Cya~ Reply back btw. Ur an interesting eprson and I like your opinions.

    • 2 th
      June 22, 2010 at 4:04 am

      Sorry for late reply, was out of country with no net access :S

      Anyhoo, I highly recommend that you watch Brotherhood. The animation and special effects are really sweet, especially since most of it, from what I can see, is all hand drawn (i.e. no CGI). Without a doubt it looks better than the 2003 version.

      I have yet to watch episode 61 (released last week)! Thx for update on the manga, and without the spoilers too 🙂

      Also, another friend of mine just told to resume Bleach, apparently things are a lot more interesting than I previously thought. I’ll just need to figure out where I left off, and get the episodes after that recent batch of fillers finished. If it does indeed get good, then I’ll start blogging it again.

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