Podcast deculture! 27

This week we talk about some new movies in the cinema that are worth watching, the lack of games coming this summer and a cult classic that maybe doesn’t deserve that status.



Taimoor & Mihir

What we’ve been watching

The A Team (must watch)
The Ghost Writer (must watch)
Kill Bill (must watch)

What we’ve been playing

Red Dead Redemption (must play)
Blur (must play…or is it?)
Team Fortress 2 (must play)

Topic of the Week

The Boondock Saints (Do not watch?) – /spoilers!

You can catch us live every Saturday from 8pm local time (5pm GMT/ 8am PST) at our Ustream channel. We’re also available on itunes, just search for ‘deculture’ and you’ll find us :)

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And with that, see you next deculture!

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