E3 2010 press conferences deculture!

Just some useful info for those who want to watch the livestreams of the major press conferences for this year’s E3 which starts today, ending on Thursday.

I’ll start off with the big three:

I don’t care much about the publisher conferences, but here are the major one’s to look out for:

  • EA – on Monday, June 14th 2:00pm PDT [World Clock]
  • Ubisoft – on Monday, June 14th 5:00pm PDT [World Clock]
  • Activision – on Monday, June 14th 9:00pm PDT [World Clock]

Now here are all the websites that provide video coverage on all the games being displayed on the show floor along with HD trailers:

I know blogs like Joystiq and Kotaku will have livestreams up as well, but their info organization is fuckall. Better to stick to one or two websites that are aesthetically pleasing, simple to navigate through the tons of info coming in the next week, and are also fairly fast to load. As such, I would suggest you guys go with 1UP or IGN. The other sites are either too cumbersome to navigate, or are too damn slow. G4TV in particular being a culmination of all things bad. Otherwise GameTrailers are fine too (especially their HD videos). It’ll be interesting to see how YouTube will handle it, considering the channel is in partnership with IGN.

Anyways, that’s the info I wanted to share with you all. So grab your popcorn, set the alarms/notifications and have fun deculture!

2 Responses to “E3 2010 press conferences deculture!”

  1. September 12, 2011 at 3:29 pm

    Very good write-up! I’m also going to write a blog article in regards to this… many thanks

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