K-ON!! 12 deculture!

Summer time = fun time.


All the girls go for a Summer Rock Festival along with Sawako sensei, instead of their usual sea side trips.


This was a standard K-ON!! episode, with the girls just chilling out and having a good time, nothing significant. Just the typical happenings of a typical Summer Rock Festival. So being the only slice-of-life anime that I currently watch, it’s interesting how closely K-ON!! resonates with my real life, and how easy it is for me to find solace in it while my real life is one hectic hurdle after another.

My sister just got married, so the whole affair sort of felt like a rock festival. Too many people gathered to celebrate one event, with a lot of loud music and a lot of food. Equally present was the summer heat and the occasional bugs at night. So coming back home to watch K-ON!! just reminded me that simple fun with friends is one of the best experiences in life. Just go out with your friends, camp out, go to Rock festivals, or whatever it is you’re all into. And once the fun and exhaustion is over, just sit back and relax, and enjoy the good life.

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