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Unreal Tournament 3 – Xbox 360 Review

Persona 3: FES – Thoughts

From sports to games

Guitar Hero: Aerosmith – First impressions

Soul Calibur IV – Review

Games Alliance (Games ’08) – Press Release, Microsoft presser, Sony presser, Show floor Hands on, Pluto GT, Red Entertainment, Overview

GITEX Digital Game World – Introduction

Fable 2 – Xbox 360 Review

Gears of War 2 – Limited Edition unboxing, Campaign Review, Multiplayer Review

Gaming 2008

Street Fighter IV – Review

X-Blades: Impressions

Onechanbara –  Bikini Samurai Squad: Impressions

Resident Evil 5 – Review


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  • Global Warming worsens as we deal with spilt beer and tears of English fans #BELENG #ItsNotComingHome #REKT 1 week ago
  • “While it is the butt of many jokes, Uranus is actually a fascinating world to study. It is abou four times wider than Earth...” - NASA. 1 week ago
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  • Bought Dishonored, Sleeping Dogs, Rage and Walking Dead for $64. Damn I love Steam sales! 5 years ago

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