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Podcast deculture! 25

Inbetween all of our call dropouts, we manage to talk about Jake Gyllenhaal’s greatness in Prince of Persia, Split/Second’s shocking multiplayer, Red Dead Redemptions confusing duels, and Blur’s lacklustre singleplayer. And apparently Katanagatari is the best anime ever created.

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podcast deculture! 21

Join us this week to find out why Clash of the Titans sucked, why Date Night didn’t suck, the brilliance of Katanagatari and some nostalgic Final Fightin’. Also, why your really SHOULD buy Super Street Fighter IV!

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  • Global Warming worsens as we deal with spilt beer and tears of English fans #BELENG #ItsNotComingHome #REKT 3 months ago
  • “While it is the butt of many jokes, Uranus is actually a fascinating world to study. It is abou four times wider than Earth...” - NASA. 3 months ago
  • Holy shit on an altar IM BACK! 3 months ago
  • Bought Dishonored, Sleeping Dogs, Rage and Walking Dead for $64. Damn I love Steam sales! 5 years ago

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