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Hope runs deep…?


deculture gets one of the first Limited Editions to hit the streets of Middle East. Check out the full unpackaging with Arabic instructions and all, after the break.

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Games Alliance (Games ’08) – Overview

Find out what deculture thought about Games Alliance Middle East – Games ’08.

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GAMES 08 – Games Alliance

I don’t remember discussing this with the world yet, but there’s a lot of hype going around what could probably be one of the most GENUINE and LARGEST game conventions that the Middle East has ever seen. GAMES ALLIANCE MIDDLE EAST SHOW 2008 or GAMES08 for short is being totted as a one of a kind event where, likewise the name, all the major distribution houses and first party companies are coming together to create a platform for a convention.

We at de-culture would obviously be there to cover the event, play some exclusive games, listen to some keynotes, hog A LOT of free food and probably just laze around; oh yeah and post some news once we get our lazy asses to it. Press Release about the event after the JUMP … HAAALAAA!!!

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