Kurokami : The Animation Episode 01 Review


The Doppelganger Effect

Kurokami begins with a typical day in the life of Keita Ibuki, the show’s protagonist. Keita is a high school student living alone in Tokyo while being assisted by his father who remits money for his allowance . It shows Akane, his childhood friend, paying him daily visits and trying to give him some company. Keita is not much of social person as seen when he lies to a little girl about not being able to make it for dinner with her.


After his school hours are done, Keita goes around the city, just by himself. A lady who is waiting for the train grabs Keita attention, and he begins following her. Keita’s friend is seen at a concert, where she sees someone who looks exactly like her. A flashback segment begins with the death of the woman who looked exactly like the woman Keita had begun following. That lady was his mother who had died in a car accident, when she had encountered her doppelganger.


The flashback segment was a dream, and it is followed by Keita trying to forget about the day his mother died. Keita reaches late for school, where he is told by his friend that she saw a person that looked exactly like her, her doppelganger, at the concert the night before. This begins to worry Keita. After his school finishes, he goes to eat dinner where he encounters Kuro and her dog, Punipuni. As Kuro had no money, Keita treated her some ramen. Keita begins talking about doppelgangers, but Kuro interrupts him by saying that what exist in the world are not doppelgangers, but doppeliners. She continues on by saying that there are 3 copies of a person in the world, but they are different by their luck. If they were to encounter each other, they would be annihilated by accidents, sicknesses, etc. The “Root”, the person with the greatest luck, would absorb the Subs’ luck. Suddenly, a man with a baseball bat attacks Kuro.


Surprised by the attack, the owner of the diner questions the unknown assailant, only to be pushed back. However, Kuro was resilient enough to withstand the attack. As the assailaint advances for the second blow, Keita tries to stop him but is futile in his attempt. Kuro and the assailaint begin fighting, with Kuro being on level-headed terms with him. She is able to defend herself from every oncoming attack. The assailaint reveals that he was ordered to capture Kuro alive at all costs. Suddenly, Kuro gets a surge of power, which leads to her victory. Kuro then reveals that she is a Mototsumitama. He later meets with one of his neighbors, the young girl named Mayu, only to watch a speeding truck run her over after she claims that she had met her double.


Summarizing the review, this episode was enough to grasp my attention. By the looks of it, Kurokami is going to be an interesting series to look out for. The episode was decently paced, being able to keep the viewer’s attention at all times. The characters look promising with Keita as the typical anime schoolboy who is going to be captured into another world’s matter. Kuro is another great character with her little quirks and kick-ass fighting skills. The whole concept of doppelgangers is pretty cool.

Animation quality was brilliant with good character art. The fight scene between Kuro and the unknown assailaint was a feast to watch. Nothing less is expected from the people who got us Mai-Hime. The opening theme was pretty good and the ending theme was not my cup of tea. All in all, a very cool first episode.

And on that note,

See you next, deculture!

See you next, deculture!

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  1. 1 Salwa NIrwanawati
    December 23, 2009 at 4:20 pm

    I very like story

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