podcast deculture! 21

Join us this week to find out why Clash of the Titans sucked, why Date Night didn’t suck, the brilliance of Katanagatari and some nostalgic Final Fightin’. Also, why your really SHOULD buy Super Street Fighter IV!



Taimoor, Mihir & Arafaat

What we’ve been watching

Inglorious Basterds (late second impressions)

Clash of the Titans (non-3D impressions)

Date Night (rock bottom impression)

Katanagatari (first four impression)

Valkyria Chronicles

Twilight (hate)

What we’ve been playing

Lost Planet 2 (multiplayer demo)

Final Fight Double Impact (+ Magic Sword)

Super Street Fighter IV (network play)

You can catch us live every Saturday from 9pm local time (5pm GMT/ 9am PST) at our Ustream channel. We’re also available on itunes, just search for ‘deculture’ and you’ll find us :)

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And with that, see you next deculture!

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