Summer ’09 deculture!


Frack this shit!

Rather than the full episodic reviews, which are soon to come, this post serves as a summary of all the animes I’ve seen that have been released in July so far. Note that absolutely nothing in June was interesting enough (amongst all the movies and OVAs) that interested anyone at deculture. This list is sourced directly from AniDB Calendar, so if there’s anything missing, blame them.

In any case, let’s get on with the show.

aoi hana

Aoi Hana

Now I’m not really a fan of Shoujo Ai, but with  the current Tmp. Ratings of 8.20 I decided to watch it anyways. Yup, just as painful to watch as I had feared. While the animation was stunning, absolutely nothing else about this show appealed to me. The pacing, the characters, the lesbo hints. I lol’d though, when the main heroine discovers her cousin is get married; the look on her face was priceless. Final conclusion: Frack this yuri shit!

Umineko no naku koro ni

Umineko no Naku Koro ni

Looking at the poster and the plot synopsis made me think this was an Ace Attorney rip-off for some reason. Then I read the name again and Higurashi came to mind, that’s when it clicked. So I saw the first episode and things seem to be going as usual, as is the case with murder-on-island type stories, except of course BeahTreechuh! I’ll wait for the second episode to decide whether to do episodic reviews. Final conclusion: Intrigued I am, more will I have to see.



I’ll be honest, the only reason I saw this was because Madhouse was involved in the production. In order to avoid the obvious pun, I’ll just say that Needless is an utter waste of time. Think of it as a layman’s mix between Gurren Lagann and Darker than Black. Two excellent animes, the combo of which is more horrendous than a Homunculus! Final conclusion: Frack this mindless shit!

bakemonogatari 1


This one crept out of nowhere. The original pic on AniDB suggested that this was some lame moe vampire school story. Far from it, this anime is probably the sleeper hit of the summer, with more to it than meets the eye! Final conclusion: Frack yeah!

Taishou Yakyuu Musume

Taishou Yakyuu Musume

In my life, there is no place for sports anime, Cross Game being the only exception to this rule. Unless there’s some really good word in the community, or the ratings hit above 8.00 (currently at 7.89), I don’t think I’ll watch this. Final conclusion: Frack this sporty shit!



Post-apocalyptic future where under 14 year olds are required to hunt for….elements. This show is aimed at kids to help them understand more about elemental compounds. I dropped Chemistry in 8th Grade. Final conclusion: Frack this educational shit!

canaan 1


Guns, strong female leads, serious tones and beautiful animation make this the second best anime of this season. Final conclusion: Frack yeah also!



Final conclusion: Frack old women and their many, many cats!

zan sayonara zetsubou sensei

Zan Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei

I really liked the first series, but then the studios decided to milk this bitch and shit got repetitive. Final conclusion: Frack this fanboy fodder!

princess lover

Princess Lover!

Final conclusion: Frack this ecchi shit!

Aika zero

AIKa Zero

Seems more like the same stuff as AIKa and AIKa R-16. Final conclusion: Frack this ecchi shit also!



Final conclusion: Frack this loli shit!

geijutsuka art design class

GA: Geijutsuka Art Design Class

Wounds from K-On! still burn. Final conclusion: Frack this slice-of-life shit!

sora no manimani

Sora no Manimani

I’m not really one for romantic comedies, but there’s potential for decent character development here without getting too melodramatic. Final conclusion: Intrigued I am, more will I have to see here also.

spice and wolf 2

Spice and Wolf II

I’ll be honest here, with potential invitation for flaming, I didn’t see the original series simply because I believe fanboys last year were so desperate for something to be good that the first series was highly overrated. No more was this evident than by the fact that season 2 already had a rating of 8.88 before the bloody show went on air! Final conclusion: Frack this fanboy fodder also!

tokyo magnitude

Tokyo Magnitude 8.0

Probably the best anime of this season simply because the premise of large scale disasters and human bonds appeals to me. Besides, this is studio BONES we’re talking about here. Final conclusion: Frack yeah as well!

yoku wakaru gendai mahou

Yoku Wakaru Gendai Mahou

Magic, harem, ecchi, where have I seen this before? Final conclusion: Frack this ecchi shit as well!

pokemon diamond and pearl movie

Pokemon Diamond and Pearl movie

I gave up on Pokeman along with Chemistry. Final conclusion: Frack this cash cow!

Done and done.

2 Responses to “Summer ’09 deculture!”

  1. 1 This Guy
    July 15, 2009 at 11:52 am

    Aoi Hana – Yuri?….Lotion(√), Box of Tissues(√), (Play)….Watching…….Watching….Disappointed

    Umineko no Naku Koro Ni – If I was rich and greedy, I would have a more sympathy for these characters…..I will need donations and grants to further this such research.

    Needless – The title says it all

    Bakemonogatari – Psycho, emo girl using school utensil the way they should be….must watch more.

    Taishou Yakyuu Musume – Silly Japanese, girls and sports don’t mix. WNBA isn’t that popular what make you think baseball going to make a difference; Plus, how else dinner gonna get on the table

    Elementhunters – adolescence looking Kids in spandex…….. NO! (slap)

    Canaan – Violence (Pretty Drawings + Good looking story) = 30 min. not wasted.

    Kuruneko – There’s a lady in my neighborhood just like her, but pest control won’t do anything about it…..

    Zan Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei – ZZZzzzzZZZZ…O_O “I’m awake, I’m awake”

    Princess Lover! – Better not be a disappoint like Aoi Hana

    AIKa Zero – I’M NOT A MACHINE!!!!

    Kanamemo – WWMJD? (May he R.I.P.)

    GA: Geijutsuka Art Design Class – LOL, Autism at its best….I’m going to hell

    Sora no Manimani – ADHD/Bipolar character makes everything better

    Spice and Wolf TWO?¿??¿?

    Tokyo Magnitude 8.0 – Alternate Reality, when things go wrong…Now that’s what I’m talking about!

    Yoku Wakaru Gendai Mahou – Again, I’m not a machine…I gonna need some gatorade and a sandwich.

    Pokemon Diamond and Pearl Movie – I know the secret, they been making this on Pluto and their perception of time is kinda iffy, cause the last time I checked that little brat is still 10.

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