FMA: Brotherhood Ep 18

vlcsnap-2009-08-08-01h35m33s181On the palm of an arrogant human being.

Yeah, I’m not sure what the title of the episode was referring to either. Anyways, like I guessed last week, Mustang planned the whole shebang. And everyone conveniently finds out about it just when they are all supposed to.

Lieutenant Ross’ death was staged, of course, when Barry told Mustang she was innocent. She meets up with Edward in the ruins of Xerxes, before fleeing to Xing.


Meanwhile, Mustang is shown is undertaking a full-on undercover mission on the phone where he sends Lieutenant Havoc and Riza Hawkeye to take care of Barry the chopper.

Turns out, the thing the Hounculus sent to kill Barry the chopper was just some animal (with primitive thinking) in Barry’s body to kill Barry whose soul is in the armour. Before the situation could be resolved, Riza, who was providing sniper support from a nearby tower is attacked by Gluttony.


Oh and Edward finds out that the person who killed Winry’s parents was one of their own Ishbalan patients, who had a tattooed right arm. Whether or not he suspects Scar is not shown.

While the explanation of Ross’ escape was predictable, and Edwards encounter with the Ishbalan refugees at the ruins of Xerxes was bland, the cliffhanger of Gluttony vs Hawkeye was a killer! Can’t wait for the next episode.

And with that…


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